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September 15, 2022

Kennards Multi-Purpose Water Trailer Fleet: A Partnership Done Right

Fire Fighting Units, Liquid Transportation, Mining & Civil, Water Delivery Equipment, Dust Suppression

Kennard Case Study


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Industrial water trailers are essential in the construction industry, but every project is unique, and buying one trailer for each use on a project is not a practical solution. So Kennards Hire, a for-hire company, took the challenge to address this gap in the market.  

Kennards was on a mission to find a manufacturer to help build a fit-for-purpose multi-purpose trailer. The trailer needed to be durable and adhere to stringent safety standards of multiple civil construction sites.

After extensive research, Kennards identified Coerco to be a trustworthy business partner. Kennards then got in touch with Coerco’s Gareth Wallis, and from there, the quest for a state-of-the-art trailer began.

One Product, Multiple Solutions

Coerco, a manufacturing company with nearly 30 years of experience in serving the civil construction industry, discovered that Kennards had to have a trailer that was multi-purpose, designed for dust suppression, wash down, water delivery and fire fighting. These units would also need to fit their brand’s look and feel and have specifications that comply with the highest on-site safety regulations across Western Australia and Northern Territory.

After a series of collaborative meetings, Kennards had a clear plan of how the fleet of trailers would be built and how the delivery of the trailer fleet would work to their multiple Kennards Hire branches which included Balcatta, Belmont, Cannington, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Katherine, Midland, Palmerston, Port Hedland & Welshpool. 



Coerco equipped the Kennards trailers with specialised 1000 Liter red water tanks mounted on Coerco’s well-renowned heavy-duty galvanised trailer chassis to support the following specifications:  

  • Australian pumps with a 7 HP Yanmar Diesel Firefighter Pump Electric Start 
  • A rear-mounted 30 meter 25 mm firefighting hose reel for washdown and firefighting
  • Lockable battery isolator switch to prevent battery drain when not in use for long periods
  • Emergency stop button to quickly shutdown equipment in the event of an emergency




In addition to that, Coerco included a dust suppression system comprised of a polyethylene spray bar with two 50 mm fan spray heads and the following mine-spec features:

  • ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliant brake system
  • Reflective tape strips for each side of the tank to increase vehicle visibility
  • Two sets of poly wheel chocks to prevent accidental movement
  • A 9kg fire-extinguisher and mount bracket for easy access in fire emergencies
  • A battery mounted inside an enclosed battery box for protection and safety of the battery



Proof of a Partnership Done Right 

The Coerco, Kennards partnership for these trailer units started in 2018 when four units were built and trialed and comments from the branches are that these units are still going strong. Kennards have gone on to secure twenty five plus of these water trailers specifically for branches across Western Australia and Northern Territory. Kennards branch managers report that these units are built stronger than alternatives and capable of withstanding the rigors of the harshest conditions in the Pilbara and Northern Territory.

Coerco’s solid experience in providing innovative engineered solutions and Kennards' promise of making jobs easier is proof of a partnership done right. Coerco’s Gareth Wallis shared that working with Kennards was easy since Kennards shared similar family owned business values and a goal to make these trailer units a model of Australian practical engineering. 


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