Sports Field Water Management

Efficient Playing Field Drainage


Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, and other sports can now enjoy utilizing their fields throughout the year and even during heavy rainfall. With the SPORTSDRY™ system no longer will supporters be disappointed with costly cancellations due to heavy or prolonged rainfall.

The SPORTSDRY™ playing field system ensures quick drainage during the heaviest rainfall and provides water during the dry periods. The SPORTSDRY™ system will quickly drain and store water in underground storage tanks ready to meet the most demanding watering requirements throughout the year.

The excellent drainage properties of the system ensure an even playing surface and provide adequate moisture for healthy grass growth. The SPORTSDRY™ system is also ideal for artificial turf playing fields. Any excess water is fed into underground infiltration tanks where the water is dispersed.

The SPORTSDRY™ playing field system ensures that games, events, and training can be held all year long. The SPORTSDRY™ system has available many solutions with variable product configurations to optimize the requirements of the sports ground. The combination of the SPORTSDRY™ products in a design solution can effectively manage many aspects of the project such as removal of excess water, re-use of water, and effective drainage during heavy rainfall.



Continuous Use of Field
The playing field can be used during heavy rainfall

Even Playing Surface
Excellent drainage maintains an even playing surface

Recycle Rain Water
Capture, Clean and recycle 100% of water at point source

Optimal Growing Conditions
Soil profile retains sufficient moisture for healthy grass growth

Compatible with Artificial Turf
The SPORTSDRY™ system can be used with artificial turf.

Reduced Maintenance
Systems are self cleaning and require little or no maintenance


Artificial Turf Application


Natural Turf Application


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