Safe, Secure And Reliable Diesel Storage & Transport Solutions

COERCO has decades of experience of working with clients to produce high-quality solutions for businesses in the mining and civil construction industries. From refuelling a single piece of equipment to moving large volumes of diesel, you can do so safely and easily with our great range of products.

High-Quality Equipment, Keeping You Operational At All Times

COERCO have been and continue to be involved in many different projects within the mining and civil construction industry throughout Australasia and worldwide. If you don’t see a standard product to suit your requirements, our team will design and construct a system to suit your specifications, whatever the scale of your project.

Typical diesel transport equipment comes under one of four main categories:

  • Trailed Diesel Transport Equipment: a high quality diesel tank and trailer in one. These robust and durable trailer systems can transport up to 2000 litres of diesel, and come with a host of extra features making them supremely robust and reliable, even in the harsh outdoor conditions of rural Australia.
  • Free Standing Diesel Transport Tanks: a range of flat-based tanks up to 10,000 litres for flexibility with your transport options. Thanks to the integrated baffle system, diesel can be transported in stable manner, with the option for a forklift mounting skid for even greater versatility.
  • Diesel Transfer Products: stay refuelled at all times thanks to our range of pumps, hoses and associated accessories. Quickly, easily and efficiently refuel from drums, tanks or mobile stations, and ensure you’re ready for action with zero downtime thanks to our reliable systems.

We also produce and supply a wide variety of liquid storage and transportations tanks, mixing tanks and other associated tank accessories and modifications. Every project we undertake is carried out in accordance with all relevant Australian standards. COERCO is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Whether you’re investing in one of our standard products or working with us to implement a custom-designed solution specific to your site and setup, you will always receive the highest standards of quality and attention to detail.


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