Australia’s Best Dust Suppression Solution - Reliable, Portable, and Effective

Manufactured in Australia, our dust suppression systems are made effortless to use for dust control in mining & civil construction works. Built on decades of experience in design, count on their dependable performance in your demanding industry.

Skid Mounted Dust Suppression Units

Backed by decades of experience in servicing the civil and mining industries, Coerco’s dust suppression units are designed to make your life easier. These dependable dust suppression systems are suitable for the toughest demands and heavy-duty requirements of dust control on mining and civil projects, and these are fitted with a skid mount for easy access and installation onto any type of transport vehicle.  

Dust suppression spray tank features:

  • Manufactured with the finest polyethylene in our in-house facility 
  • Available in a range of capacities up to 17,000 litres 
  • Includes baffle balls for added stability  
  • Retractable hose reel 
  • Suitable for water & other liquids
  • Comes with a spill containment feature 
  • Functional in any weather 
  • Offers liquid stability 
  • Impact-resistant 


The mobile dust suppression system features:

  • A portable dust suppression spray tank on a galvanised skid mount frame with forklift access for maneuverability on and off truck and trailers during dust control operations 
  • Sturdy lash down points on the frame for secure transport 
  • High-grade finish on all safety rail kits 
  • Hose reel for spot dust control or rinsing/wash down applications 
  • Unique stow-away, ground access ladder for hose reel/pump operation 
  • Lid access ladder and handrails for safe filling operations 
  • Left and right or centre deflector sprays with individual ball valve on/off control with remote control cab actuator control 
  • Range of pump options include Hydraulic Driven or Diesel Engine Driven for high pressure supply to batter sprays, dribble bars or water cannons 
  • Transfer pumps with camlock fittings for easy use 
  • A variety of options for spray fittings, valves, hoses, and setup 

With these features, the skid-mounted dust suppression unit is not just for dust control but can also be for earth-moving or roadwork operations.  

Browse our gallery for images of the multi-purpose dust suppression units mounted on trucks and trailers. 


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