Superior Sump Based Liquid Transport Systems For All Applications

COERCO polyethylene liquid transport products and spray tanks are particularly suitable for use in the mining and civil construction industries. Our high-quality, one-piece construction tanks and accessories are - the best of their kind in Australia.

Secure Liquid Transport, Guaranteed

Whether your business is in mining or civil construction, our range of liquid transport systems and spray tanks for water or chemical application is second to none. Manufactured from the finest polyethylene in our own in-house facility, our products are strong, durable and fully weatherproof, so your operations will never be interrupted. Our tanks are available in a vast range of capacities starting from 200 litres through to a massive 12,500 litres, and all can be used with a sump draining option for total evacuation of contents, maximising efficiency and making chemical changes easier.

For extreme heavy-duty requirements, our skid-mounted units are suitable for even the toughest of demands. Whether you’re transporting water or another liquid, COERCO tanks make the job easy. Offering great benefits in terms of liquid stability, impact resistance, spill containment and optional fittings and accessories, you can revolutionise the efficiency and day to day operations of your business by choosing well-designed, high-quality products.

All Sump Based Liquid Transport Tanks feature:

  • Durable, impact resistant, UV stabilised polyethylene for long life
  • Easy to read calibrations, with sight tube for easy view of content volume (3,000 litres and larger)
  • Stainless Steel Lid and Basket Filter
  • One outlet supplied with tank, quantity and sizes optional
  • Spill containment lip surrounds lid on tanks larger than 200 litres
  • Smooth interior and integral sump model enabling complete evacuation and decontamination of tank making chemical changes easier
  • Available with robust hot dip galvanised steel mounting frame for protection of tank and ease of installation
  • Mounting pins supplied as standard. Extra mounting pins available
  • Optional Ball Baffle System available

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