Transforming Transportation with Diesel-Powered Units

Discover the power and reliability of diesel transport units, designed to take your business to the next level.

Diesel Transport Unit


  • Durable UV stabilised polyethylene tank with specialised grade polyethylene suitable for diesel 
  • Baffle ball system for improved load stability 
  • Galvanised steel frame with fork access and platform for pumping equipment and plumbing
  • 40mm cast iron diesel transfer pump coupled to Honda GX200 petrol recoil start engine
  • 32mm filter with pressure gauge
  • 25mm auto rewind hose reel (with 15m of hose)
  • 25mm auto shut-off nozzle and nozzle holder
  • 50mm fill line (independent of pump) including non-return valve
  • Sight tube for easy view of content volume 
  • Ability to fill tank through pump
  • Steel bunding optional 

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