A Durable and Stable Solution For Versatile Access Over Water

Looking for a more permanent solution than a poly floating walkway? Our custom-build gangways provide a secure and safe platform, and have a range of options available to ensure you receive a product that’s completely suited to your application.

Robust And Reliable Walkways And Gangways

With a 30 year history in supplying liquid storage products to the mining and civil construction industry around the world, COERCO are the industry experts, with the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality products and solutions which minimize the risk of losses and downtime through failure and poor support. Coerco is proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company, highlighting our commitment to outstanding workmanship across all our products.

Using a combination of the highest quality materials and a highly experienced team of experts, Coerco products and services provide excellence in every aspect. Our gangways are custom-manufactured to suit each client’s individual requirements. We offer a choice of material, flooring type and protective coating, and can fabricate a gangway to your specification.

Coerco Gangways Feature:

  • Manufactured from Aluminium, Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Range of flooring and grating options
  • Optional protective coatings available
  • Custom fabricate to suit your requirements
  • Manufactured in accordance with AS 1657

 Learn more about industrial floating platforms here in mining pontoon guide.

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