Pressure Washer Equipment

Our Australian-made high-pressure washer units are built for maximum efficiency and reliability in mining, industrial, and civil construction. We prioritise keeping your operations running smoothly with minimal downtime, offering the best optional features.

Coerco – Engineered to outperform.

From strong and durable hoses to powerful and reliable pumps, every aspect of our power washing equipment has been engineered with the end user in mind, to make your working life safer and stress free.

  • Our range of high-quality pressure washer equipment for sale includes the Skid Mount and Trailed models, each one meticulously designed to make getting rid of dirt and stubborn grease and grime easier.

  • The best cleaners for Mining, Industrial, and Civil Construction applications, these high pressure washers are ideal for tasks like general purpose washdown of any heavy-duty machinery or equipment of any size

  • Hot or cold wash down kits are offered as options.

    For all-around cleaning, the cold wash kit will do the trick while the hot wash alternative makes strenuous cleaning jobs with stubborn dirt more effortless.

  • Other standard fittings include anti-kink hoses with high performance nozzles and quality and reliable pumps with a range of pressure ratings.

  • Our industrial high pressure cleaning equipment are made using only the highest quality materials including in-house manufactured high-grade polyethylene and galvanised metal components for strength and longevity.

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Pressure Washer Equipment

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