Corrugated Industrial Tanks Built
For Strength And Durability

Protect your water supply even in the harshest of conditions with a high-quality polyethylene corrugated industrial tank from COERCO. Strong, durable, UV stabilised and fully weatherproof, these tanks withstand the toughest of demands.

Quality Tanks Built By Australia’s Leading Experts

COERCO has been supplying Western Australia and the rest of the world with a wide range of liquid storage products for over 25 years. With an in-house polyethylene processing facility, we are the only manufacturer to retain internal control of quality from start to finish.

Our corrugated industrial storage tanks are built for strength, while maintaining a traditional rugged appearance. These are the ideal choice for collecting and storing water, chemicals or other liquids on site for easy access. We’re confident that our water tanks and associated products are of the highest quality.

As part of our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a full after-sales care package, ensuring that the products and solutions you purchase for us are up to standard and exceed expectations when it comes to quality.

Coerco Corrugated Industrial Walled Tanks Feature:

  • One-piece construction ensures no weak spots
  • Traditional Heritage design for effective, unobtrusive liquid storage
  • Corrugated design for additional strength, impact resistance and durability
  • UV stabilised to withstand the harsh Australian climate
  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • Self-supporting lid design Available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit all applications

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