Access Manholes and Signage

Access Manholes And Signage

Our Access Manholes and Signage is able to be specified on almost any of our industrial tank products for your project requirements. Provide clear access capability as required for necessary personnel along with clear signage for needed communication, instruction and warnings to create educated responsibility and safety awareness.

Here are some available options below;

  • Manhole Lid, Rim and Seal of between 455 - 600mm Diameter
  • Side Access Manhole up to 710mm Diameter
  • Confined Space Danger and other safety signage options
Code Description
COMP-33-11 455mm Manhole Lid, Rim and Seal
COMP-33-10 600mm Manhole Lid, Rim and Seal
COMP-33-62 600mm x 600mm Aluminum Hinged Access Cover
MT-SAM710 710mm Side Access Manhole
SIGN-10-01 Confined Space Danger Signage
SIGN-10-03 SWL Lifting Lug Sign (130mm x 60mm)
SIGN-10-04 Stainless Steel Asset Number Sign (100mm x 60mm)
SIGN-10-05 Stainless Steel Asset Number Sign (150mm x 100mm)

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