Spray and Drip Irrigation Systems

Coerco’s spray and drip irrigation systems are available as sub-surface or above-ground systems used for water or lawn landscaping. 

Coerco Spray and Drip Irrigation Systems for Efficient Soil Hydration

A dripper field is several interconnected purple dripper reticulation pipes that form a closed reticulation system that is used to water landscaping or lawn using suitably treated wastewater. A dripper field’s size and design are determined by the hydraulic loading and the soil type on the property.

NB: Dripper irrigation cannot be connected to a septic tank as a disposal system.

The dripper field is usually installed as a subsurface system; however, above-ground sprinklers can be utilized if the treated wastewater has been disinfected using chlorine or ozone.

Spray Irrigation System

Code Description
SPH-150-AG 150m2 Spray Irrigation Kit (Above Ground)



Drip Irrigation System

Code Description
DRI-150-STD 150m2 Drip Irrigation Kit (8LPH, Standard)
DRI-250-STD 250m2 Drip Irrigation Kit (8LPH, Standard)
DRI-150-PRV 150m2 Drip Irrigation Kit (3.5LPH, Compensating)
DRI-250-PRV 250m2 Drip Irrigation Kit (3.5LPH, Compensating)



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