Commercial Above-Ground ATU System

Our Aquarius®-powered Advanced Commercial Above-Ground ATU systems are ideal for challenging soil conditions in various commercial applications, including mining camps, factories, office buildings, worker accommodation facilities, and civil construction camps.

Efficient Commercial Above-Ground ATUs for Unfavorable Soil Conditions

For unsuitable soil conditions such as high-water table levels, frozen soil, and flooding, Coerco offers efficient and reliable Aquarius® Above-Ground ATU Systems.

Featuring plastic and lightweight but heavy-duty commercial systems installed and assembled above ground, our ATUs are designed to efficiently handle wastewater from commercial sites such as mining camps, factories, accommodations, and many more.



  • Fully Approved by the WA Department of Health.
  • Western Australia Manufactured and Owned.
  • Recycles all wastewater through irrigation into gardens, orchards, etc.  
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.3 approved.  
  • Low-Energy Use.
  • Low-Maintenance. 


Note: *Many commercial systems are custom-designed so it is advised to speak with our sales consultant for more information if you need commercial ATUs.  

Code Description
O-2 6-30KL Advanced Above-Ground commercial ATU system. Heavy-Duty Industrial Polyethylene Tanks. Plug-and-play design with all tanks and components and pre-assembled for ease of installation. Low maintenance. Lightweight.
O-2-NR Above-ground. This is a more advanced Aerated Wastewater Treatment system. With anaerobic, aerobic, clarification, flocculation, and discharge. Nutrient Retentive (Phosporous removal)
O-3 Above-ground. This system is an even more advanced Aerated Wastewater Treatment system. With anaerobic, aerobic, clarification, flocculation, disinfection (Utilising ozone) and discharge. Nutrient Retentive (Phosporous removal). Environmentally Friendly



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