Practical And Functional Septic Systems

Coerco offer a range of poly septic tanks to suit every requirement, particularly suitable for the mining and civil construction industries. Our high-quality, one-piece construction tanks and accessories are supremely durable, reliable and cost-effective - the best of their kind in Australia.

Our Tanks Stand Up To The Toughest Demands, Guaranteed

Manufactured from the finest polyethylene in our own in-house facility, Coerco products are strong, durable and fully weatherproof, so your operations are never interrupted. They’re also lightweight and flexible, making them easy to transport and install wherever the need arises.

Our septic tanks are available in a vast range of capacities starting from 1,450 litres through to a massive 23,000 litre underground tank. All septic tanks are manufactured to comply with Department of Health approvals in WA, SA & NT and are Certified to Australia Standard AS/NZS1546.1, so you have complete peace of mind that you’re investing in a safe, secure, high-quality tank.

All Coerco septic tanks feature:

  • Manufactured from durable polyethylene, making them lightweight, easy to transport and install
  • Anti-floatation ring and ribbing incorporated into design
  • Certified to Australia Standard AS/NZS1546.1and approved by Department of Health - WA, SA & NT
  • Supplied as complete kit including lid, inlet & outlet ‘T’ pieces Chemical and Effluent resistant
  • Large septic tanks include various manhole options


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