Lightweight, Versatile Poly Pontoons Designed To Suit Your Needs

Looking for a lightweight yet durable solution for your floating pump or dewatering system? Our poly pontoons come with a variety of optional extras to suit all applications.

Use Coerco Poly Pontoons Anywhere And Everywhere!

With a 30 year history in supplying liquid storage products to the mining and civil construction industry around the world, COERCO are the industry experts, with the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality products and solutions which minimize the risk of losses and downtime through failure and poor support. Thanks to our in-house polyethylene processing facility, COERCO is the only manufacturer to retain internal control of quality from start to finish.

We’re proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company, highlighting our commitment to outstanding workmanship across all our products. Whether you need to access a tight space with your pump or you’re installing a temporary solution for draining a particular area, our range of poly pontoons are the ideal solution. With a full poly construction, they’re lightweight, UV and chemical resistant and suitable for use anywhere – even in salt water as they won’t rust or corrode.

Poly Pontoons Feature:

  • Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene
  • UV, chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Optional extras including anti-vortex, strainer box, pump shroud and skid legs
  • Standard range to suit up to 1,000kg bore pump
  • Custom designs available to suit your application

Check our mining pontoon guide for more engineered pontoon solutions.


Code Description
PNT-P-100 All poly pontoons to support 100kg bore pump
PNT-P-200 All poly pontoons to support 200kg bore pump
PNT-P-400 All poly pontoons to support 400kg bore pump
PNT-P-600 All poly pontoons to support 600kg bore pump
PNT-P-800 All poly pontoons to support 800kg bore pump
PNT-P-1000 All poly pontoons to support 1,000kg bore pump

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