Safely Store Chemicals With Coerco Self Bunded Tanks

Eliminate the risk of leakage or spills of volatile or dangerous chemicals with Coerco’s versatile range of self-bunded tanks. With a large range of sizes available as standard, and a bespoke design service to suit your requirements, store any liquid with confidence in these robust, durable tanks.

Invest In The Best For Increased Efficiency And Decreased Downtime

COERCO have been and continue to be involved in many different custom tank projects within the mining and civil construction industry throughout Australasia and worldwide. Our team will design and construct a tank system to suit your specifications, whatever the scale of your project.

Thanks to our in-house polyethylene processing facility, COERCO is the only manufacturer to retain internal control of quality from start to finish. We’re proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company, highlighting our commitment to outstanding workmanship across all our products.

Our range of bunded, or double-skinned tanks eliminates the need for concrete bunding, saving you time and expense. These high-quality tanks consist of two layers of durable but lightweight hexene polyethylene. In the unlikely event of a leak or spill, this is fully contained by the external layer. We stock a range of sizes to suit all needs, or can design and manufacture a bespoke tank to your requirements.

Coerco Self Bunded Chemical Tanks Feature:

  • Inner and outer skins both manufactured from durable, light weight, hexene polyethylene
  • UV resistant suitable for our harsh climate conditions
  • Chemical and impact resistant
  • Large range of sizes available
  • Designed to suit any project or requirement
  • Available in all colour bond colours
  • Manufactured in guidance with Australian Standards


Bunded Tanks

Code Description
ITBT5000 5,000 Litre (1,110 Gallon) Self Bunded Chemical Tank
ITBT8000 8,000 Litre (1,760 Gallon) Self Bunded Chemical Tank
ITBT13500 13,500 Litre (3,000 Gallon) Self Bunded Chemical Tank
ITBT22500 22,500 Litre (5,000 Gallon) Self Bunded Chemical Tank
ITBT32000 32,000 Litre (7,000 Gallon) Self Bunded Chemical Tank


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