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COERCO has decades of experience of working with clients to produce high-quality solutions for liquid transportation and dust suppression requirements. Our professional modifications and engineering team work closely with our clients to meet requirements and exceed expectations using certified welding methods & practices.

Coerco – Reliability in an unpredictable world

Our liquid transport and dust suppression products fall into the following categories:

Free Standing Liquid Transport Tanks:

Available in a vast range of capacities starting from 400 litres through to a massive 17,000 litres, these tanks are suitable for use on tray top trucks, trailers, flatbed vehicles, and other extreme heavy-duty requirements. Each tank has the option of a forkliftable galvanised skid for ease of use.

Sump Based Liquid Transport Tanks:

Also available from 400 litres through to 12,500 litres capacity, these tanks come with a sump drain for total evacuation of contents – an option that maximises efficiency and makes chemical changes easier. Each of these sump tanks also have the option of a galvanised skid for ease of use.

Skid Mounted Dust Suppression Units:

Like our skid mounted liquid delivery units, dust suppression units come fully fitted with specialised hoses, pumps, and sprayers for use during earth moving or road work operations.

Waste Transfer Systems

These engineered vessels are equipped with features that contribute to a hassle-free and reliable liquid waste product transfer.


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