Ready-to-Use and Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment Solution

Coerco flatbed leach drains are a quick and easy solution to be integrated with our septic tanks for an effective effluent water treatment system. This new addition to Coerco’s septic system is proven to be highly effective without heavy excavation.  

Wastewater Management Made Simple, Fast, and Easy 

The flatbed leach drain is a major component of our premium septic system and complements our septic tank products. It consists of a central distribution pipe, drainage cells, and geofabric.    

COERCO offers two different versions of flatbed leach drain – the standard flatbed has three layers, and the sand/loam flatbed has two layers. The standard flatbed can be used for any soil category, while the sand/loam flatbed is suitable for soil categories 1 to 3 (sand, gravel, and loam).

Some benefits of using COERCO flatbed leach drains are:

  • Approved for use by the Department of Health – Western Australia   
  • Australian Standard 1546: On-site domestic wastewater treatment
  • Resistant to moulds, algae, soil-borne chemicals, bacteria, and bitumen 
  • 15-year warranty  
  • An estimated life span of over 100 years if there are no ultraviolet exposure 
  • Flo-Cell has an ultimate compressive strength of 50t/m²     
  • A service temperature of -10°C up to 70 °C  
  • Made of the highest quality polypropylene for durability  
  • Ready-to-use; no assembly required  
  • Lightweight - easy to transport and install   

The main component, Flo-Cell, is also suitable for the following applications:  

  • Trench Drainage  
  • Sub-soil Drainage  
  • Wall & Foundation Drainage  
  • Sub-surface Drainage  
  • Podium Landscape  
  • Sports Fields  



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