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Do you need to store liquids at a consistent temperature? Our strong, durable and impact-resistant insulated tanks are perfect for the job! From small capacity tanks to larger designs, poly tanks are the best choice for safe, reliable liquid storage.

Insulated Industrial Storage Tanks

Maintaining proper insulation for your tank is crucial to safeguard the contents from extreme temperature changes. This is a vital consideration across numerous industries and applications, whether it involves processing or storing liquids to ensure the integrity and quality of the product.  

Understanding Tank Insulation 

Industrial tank insulation is designed to minimise heat transfer between the tank's interior and exterior, ensuring the contents maintain a consistent temperature. This is particularly critical for chemicals, where even slight temperature variations can have significant impacts. 

Here are additional advantages of insulating tanks: 

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: By reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling of the tank's contents, insulation leads to lower energy consumption and, consequently, decreased costs.  
  • Stable Processing Conditions: Certain processes, like chemical manufacturing or food processing, require maintaining specific temperature ranges to prevent content from freezing and to ensure controlled conditions. Insulation helps achieve this stability. 
  • External Protection and Safety: Beyond maintaining internal temperatures, insulation also shields the tank from external environmental factors that could cause condensation or moisture-related corrosion, preserving the tank's structural integrity over time. It also safeguards personnel by preventing burns from hot surfaces.  

Coerco's insulated industrial storage tanks are engineered with advanced features that enhance their efficiency and reduce energy consumption. This makes them perfectly suited for a diverse array of applications and projects across various industries. 

Here are some of their features: 

  • Tough hexene polyethylene construction coated with spray on polyurethane foam
  • One-piece construction ensures no weak spots
  • UV stabilised to withstand the harsh Australian climate
  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • Chemical and impact-resistant 
  • Comes with an array of optional fittings and accessories to meet your project’s requirements. 
  • Available in a wide selection of sizes 

Count on Coerco to provide you with high-quality and energy-efficient insulated tanks. Get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 


Code Description
IT-FM1000 Insulation of 1,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM2500 Insulation of 2,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM2500S Insulation of 2,500L Squat Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM4500 Insulation of 4,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM4500S Insulation of 4,500L Squat Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM5300 Insulation of 5,300L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM9000 Insulation of 9,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM9000S Insulation of 9,000L Squat Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM9500 Insulation of 9,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM10500 Insulation of 10,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM13500 Insulation of 13,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM14000 Insulation of 14,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM22500 Insulation of 22,500L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM25000 Insulation of 25,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM32000 Insulation of 32,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam
IT-FM50000 Insulation of 50,000L Storage Tank - 50mm Foam


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