Robust, Easy to Handle and Locally Made Grease Arrestor

Grease Arrestors

Whether in the urban and civil, food industries, or even in the household, you can count on Coerco to provide you with grease arrestors to help keep trade wastes at bay. This can be anything from fats, oil, and grease, which can accumulate over time.  

With our grease trap, you can properly and efficiently capture grease, fats, and other solids, before entering wastewater systems. Our grease arrestors are approved which means that you have one less thing to worry about when submitting your applications to your local authority. If you’re looking into ways to effectively deal with your trade waste discharge, then look no further than what Coerco offers.   

By installing our Grease Arrestors, you can:   

  • Prolong the lifespan of your wastewater system as it reduces the amount of fats, oil, and grease, which passes through and can clog your wastewater system, degrading its performance.   
  • Capture hard-to-remove grease and fats, which can be severely harmful both to flora and fauna.   


  • Coerco Grease Arrestor Tanks conform to AS/NZS5215 
  • Coerco Grease Arrestor Tanks are tested to AS/NZS1546.1 
  • One-piece constructed for extreme durability and long service life 
  • Water Corporation (WA) approved
  • SA Water (SA) approved
  • PowerWater (NT) approval pending
  • Available with variety of access covers to AS3996 
  • Anti-floatation design with anchor points incorporated
  • Convenient lifting lugs to offer ease and simplicity of installation
  • Universal riser with incremental cut off points and adaptor to suit depth of installation  

Keep trade waste at bay! Check out this Grease Arrestor Sizing Guide for WA and order now!   


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Code Description Lid No Traffic Lid Class B Lid Class D GA Drawings
GA-1200 1,200Ltr Grease Arrestor (Coming Soon)  
GA-2000 2,000Ltr Grease Arrestor   
GA-4000 4,000Ltr Grease Arrestor (Coming Soon)  


COMP-33-59_with text

Solid Cast Iron Lid

Code Description
COMP-33-58 Class B Circular Solid Cast Iron Lid, C&F (600mm Diameter)
COMP-33-59 Class D Circular Solid Cast Iron Lid, C&F (600mm Diameter)

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