Coerco Floating Poly Pontoons – The Versatile And Stable Engineered Pontoon Solution

Whether you’re floating a small pump for site drainage or need a longer term solution for a heavy duty pump or walkway, Coerco can design and construct a custom pontoon solution for any application. Robust, durable, UV stabilised and supremely strong!

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Typical polyethylene pontoons fall into one of four main categories:
Heavy Duty Pontoons: capable of supporting weight up to 25 tonnes, with a galvanised frame and a variety of finishing options. These are ideal for a permanent or semi-permanent setup involving large pumps on your site.
Donut Pontoons: safely and securely site your pumping equipment wherever the need arises with a handy donut float or pontoon. Specially designed to support a range of pump styles, we can also custom-build these pontoons to meet your needs.
Poly Pontoons: these lightweight pontoons are extremely versatile for tight spaces and temporary setups. Thanks to their full polyethylene construction, they are resistant to corrosion, as well as being UV stabilised and chemical resistant.
Modular Pontoonsadapt and change the shape and size of your pontoon as your requirements change with these easy to use floats. Coerco modular pontoons can support up to 5 tonnes in weight, and they’re simple to assemble and reassemble for a versatile solution.
We also produce and supply a variety of floating walkways, gangways, hose and cable floats and other associated products.


COERCO is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Every project we undertake is carried out in accordance with all relevant Australian standards.

Check our mining pontoon guide to learn more about pump pontoons for industrial floating applications.


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