Titan Tank®

Modular Underground Tank System for Heavy Loads

Efficient Rainwater Management

The Titan Tank® is a heavy duty underground tank system used when heavy load requirements need to be satisfied such as mining, airport, military applications and high water table applications. It supports an infinite height, width and length as a truly modular water tank system.


The Titan Tank® modules provide an interlocking system that forms a rigid blanket layer of 50mm in thickness. The tank volume is achieved by building up layers from the tank footprint to achieve the desired tank volume.

The  Titan Tank® is easy to construct and provides a durable underground tank system.




Titan Tank® Specifications
Part Number 80050
Titan Cell Dimensions (W) 575mm (L)575mm (H) 50mm
Configuration 3pcs per m2
Per Pallet 42 Layers heights (4 pieces per pallet layer)
Weight 4.95 kg/m2
Flow Rate 2.56 Litres/Sec/m @ 1% gradient
Ultimate Resistance 140 Tonnes/m2 199 PSI
Void Ratio 90%
Shear Pins per pallet layer 2
Material 85% Recycled polypropylene, 15% Atlantis propriety selected materials
Colour Black
Chemical and Biological Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae soil-bourne chemicals, bacteria and bitunen
Service Temperature -10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)

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