Whether you need stormwater management, water filtration, or a reliable drainage system, you can count on Coerco’s structural lightweight void fill Flo-Void® to make for an ideal solution.  


Structural Lightweight Void Fill Flo-Void®

Atlantis Flo-Void® modules are high-performance fill materials consisting of lightweight, structural, recycled polypropylene modules suitable for applications in commercial building construction and civil engineering. Atlantis tank modules have been used as a material in geotechnical applications internationally since 1986.  

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio: This makes Atlantis tank modules the ideal choice for absorbing structural loads and reducing underlying stresses, including weight reduction on foundations and pipe systems. Typically, for the same occupied volume, Atlantis Flo-Void® modules weigh approximately 1% of the weight of most soil and rock materials.  
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical compressive strength: Provides long-term performance and design longevity.  
  • Permeable and versatile: Allows for the unrestricted movement of liquids and gases, benefiting many applications. This serves as a versatile solution that includes lightweight structural fill, drainage, water storage, gas harvesting, gas remediation, water filtration, and stormwater management.  
  • Made from recycled materials: This makes it an eco-friendly option, contributing to a healthier and safer environment, as well as being compliant with any local health standards. 

So, if you're in need of a dependable and efficient structural drainage solution or stormwater management system, look no further than Coerco's Flo-Void®. With its exceptional performance and versatility, it's sure to be a valuable addition to your projects. 



Planter Box

Structural Void Fill & Drainage


Flo-Void® modules used as lightweight structural void fill into landscape planter boxes.




Flo-cell® 50mm
Part Number 80050
Size Metric (H) 30mm x (W) 575mm x (L) 575mm
Size Imperial (H) 2" x (W) 22.6" x (L) 22.6"



Flo-Void® (Flo-Tank® Mini Module)
Part Number 70010
Height 240mm
Width 408mm
Length 685mm
Void Ratio 95% Void



Flo-cell® (Flo-Vault® Module)
Part Number 70071
Height 500mm
Width 575mm
Length 575mm
Void Ratio 95% Void



Flo-cell® (Flo-Vault® Module)
Part Number 70003
Height 450mm
Width 408mm
Length 685mm
Void Ratio 95% Void

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