Reliable, Efficient Clarifier Tanks To Your Specification

Whatever the scale of your project, our range of high-quality, robust clarifiers will help you get the job done fuss-free! From a standard design to a specially-made model to suit your needs, the standard of workmanship and service you’ll receive from Coerco is second to none.

A Comprehensive Range To Suit All Requirements

With a 25 year history in supplying liquid storage products to the mining and civil construction industry of Western Australia, COERCO are the industry experts, with the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality products and solutions which minimize the risk of losses and downtime through failure and poor support. Thanks to our in-house polyethylene processing facility, COERCO is the only manufacturer to retain internal control of quality from start to finish. We’re proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company, highlighting our commitment to outstanding workmanship across all our products. We’re confident that all our industrial process tanks and associated products are of the highest quality. As part of our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a full after-sales care package, ensuring that the products and solutions you purchase for us are up to standard and exceed expectations when it comes to quality.

Coerco Conical Based Tank Systems Feature:

  • Complete drainage thanks to the cone-based design. This makes our tanks ideal for mixing or batching liquid solutions, dosing of Bio Diesel and also pre-mixing of liquid or granular chemicals.
  • Available with custom fittings, pipework and agitators. These units can be designed to meet any requirements.
  • Available as standard in sizes ranging from 5,000 to 27,000 litres; bespoke sizes may be designed to meet your needs.
  • Common uses include Chemical Mixing/Agitation, Bio-diesel Processing, Trace Element Mixing.

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