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February 24, 2023

Driving Fuel Savings with Smart and Efficient Tank Storage

Diesel Storage Tank

Driving Fuel Savings with Smart and Efficient Tank Storage


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BHP are world leaders in the extraction, processing and transportation of commodities including iron ore, copper, nickel and metallurgical coal. With a reputation for innovation, BHP provide the critical materials for infrastructure, enabling better standards of living and facilitating greater prosperity. 


As part of BHP’s maintenance activities, specifically servicing the fuel tanks of their haul truck fleet, diesel had to previously be removed and offloaded into chemical or hazardous waste storage tanks if close to full capacity. This resulted in significant diesel wastage and servicing inefficiencies. 

An alternative solution was required, one that would allow them to transfer and store 4,000 Litres of diesel in an external skid, before pumping it back into the fuel tank when the truck was ready to be utilised back on site. 

Coerco were contracted by BHP to custom build a 5,000 Litre diesel transfer tank for use in their site workshop. Leveraging expertise in diesel and chemical storage, Coerco’s engineering team devised an efficient, economical and safe solution to overcome BHP’s diesel storage challenge. 


The new solution featured a single hose reel with two pumps on a skid. Users can control the valve and select the right pump simultaneously, avoiding the need for two independent systems. The modified design also included the integration of forklift pockets, enabling the fuel tank storage skid to be lifted and moved around BHP’s workshop, either empty or at full capacity. 


BHP’s situation was unique, being neither diesel transport or static diesel, so a collaborative effort between both parties resulted in a solution that had not previously been developed, but still adhered to all Australian standards, particularly for combustible and flammable liquids. 


“Coerco’s new storage system is helping BHP save thousands of litres of diesel when servicing haul trucks.” 



The new fuel tank storage system was designed and manufactured within budget, and commissioned onsite ahead of schedule without any delays. In the time it took to design, develop and deliver Coerco’s system, BHP saved approximately 30,000 Litres of diesel that would otherwise have been wasted. 



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