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December 15, 2022

Building a Better Tomorrow with Sustainable Water Solutions

Commercial, Industrial Water Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks

Building a Better Tomorrow with Sustainable Water Solutions From Coerco


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As the world continues to develop, the demand for clean water supply significantly rises. This alarming relationship has challenged many forward-thinking land and estate developers to look for modern technology and products to help preserve and use water more efficiently.  

Wormall Civil, a civil engineering construction company, answered the global challenge of water crisis by working with Landcorp to develop a water sensitive urban design for East Village, a 1.5-hectare residential community located at Knutsford, Fremantle.  


Wormall Civil’s water sensitive urban design aligns with the primary objective of LandCorp, a property and infrastructure developer that envisioned to demonstrate East Village as a valuable lesson that sustainable living is attainable with renewable and innovative initiatives.  

As such, one of Wormall Civil’s initiatives is to harvest and re-use rainwater as non-potable water for each household’s hot water system, toilet flush system, and as laundry water resource.  

This water-wise system will reduce water consumption from the main supply and can be a steady source of non-potable water if stored effectively.  

To achieve this outcome, Wormall Civil engaged with Coerco for an engineered and lightweight underground water tank solution. And after closely working together, Coerco proposed to manufacture thirty-six (36) 7,000-Liter underground tanks progressively.  


“We promised to deliver the 36 custom-built 7,000-Liter tanks as East Village progressed. In this way the underground tank system could be integrated as-required without compromising the quality of the tanks” shared Gareth Wallis.  




Wormall Civil’s collaborative initiative to set an example for Western Australia is a testament to their goal of building a better tomorrow with sustainable solutions. And with more companies following this green initiative and industries developing sustainable solutions, it is safe to say that Western Australia is on its way to being future ready.  



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