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April 19, 2018

8 Reasons You Should Use Pipe Floats for Your Industrial Pipes

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8 Reasons You Should Use Pipe Floats for Your Industrial Pipes


Coerco is the leading supplier of floats for pipes, hoses, and cables. Manufactured in WA, all products meet international standards. Pipe floats are suitable for all mining and marine applications.

8 Reasons Why Using Pipe Floats for Industrial Pipes is Beneficial


1. Compliant: Coerco uses only high-grade Australian-made materials in their products. The rigid engineered polyethylene conforms to all requirements of AS/NZS4766.

2. Industry Standard: Pipe floats are the industry standard for the flotation of pipes. They allow pipes to bend and flex, offering low resistance to water and wind conditions.

3. Durability: They are constructed of high-quality, durable material. This assures maximum life span and service life of the product. Engineered for stability, they consist of recyclable and VOC free polyethylene. Pipe floats are lightweight, yet rigorous enough to withstand global transport.

4. Ease of Use: These floats are easy to install. A set includes two pipe float halves and an assembly kit.




5. Marine Applications: Products are designed for use in all marine applications. They are suitable for dredging, mining and aquaculture. And they can also be beneficial in water treatment systems.

6. Materials Used: These floats are manufactured using tough rotationally moulded hexene polyethylene. To protect against degradation, they are fully UV stabilised. Also, they are chemical resistant to allow flexible applications. All products are tested for tensile strength and impact resistance.

7. Availability: Ours are available in a wide range of sizes. This allows easy customisation of all job sites. Coerco offers a variety of products to meet all industrial pipe capacity needs.  

8. Warranty: All float products come with a 100% guarantee. Full replacement is offered if there is any sign of faulty workmanship.


Let Coerco help determine the correct size of pipe floats needed for your next project. Review our product spec sheet for full details.

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