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May 10, 2018

Poly Industrial Tanks: Solid Fact, Solid Design

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Poly Industrial Tanks Solid Fact Solid Design


Myths have been adopted around the use of poly tanks, but they're among the safest and longest lasting storage solutions in the industry. They use Australian-made materials and are suited to storing liquids wherever needed. Varying temperatures are also not damaging to poly. Not to mention, the units can be fitted with insulation to provide additional protection.

Basically, our tanks use the highest grade materials and are built strong enough to withstand anything nature has in store. Here's why:

Storage Design

Poly industrial tanks come in multiple sizes, shapes, and styles. Keep in mind, that's without delving into the different models we provide for each design. If you're already looking to find the tank that's right for you, get in touch with us now.

It's important to note that poly tanks are designed as a single piece. The unit is roto-moulded as one streamlined piece and features no seams or screws. It's this single piece method that increases durability. That's also what allows the variety of custom plastic fabrication we provide.

Ease of Use

Our tanks are able to be used anywhere you need them. Be it your above ground or underground, we have the design that will fit the situation. The utility of poly comes from its lightweight composition and flexibility, aiding in its ability to store and be stored almost anywhere. Moving it across locations isn't as taxing as it would be to move a steel or concrete counterpart.

Holistically, poly is an easier and more powerful method of storage. It's environmentally friendly, as it doesn't rust or damage its surroundings. And the components of our poly industrial tanks are industry compliant, ensuring the contents you store remain safe.



Everyone deserves a safe way to store liquids. Worrying about sizing, durability, and feasibility shouldn't be a weight on your shoulders. Contact us today to choose a poly industrial tank that's right for you.

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