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June 21, 2018

Why Poly Floating Walkways and Pontoons are the Best

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The breakdown of a mining machine in Australia could cost the owner thousands of dollars per hour in production downtime and more in repair. Typically, harsh environmental conditions like hyper-saline ground water and acidic gases at mining operations corrode and break unprotected physical infrastructure from processing and storage to mobility and access systems. However, poly floating walkways and pontoons stand out because they're safe from a host of corrosion and machine-wear causes.      

Here are the poly properties that make it a cost-effective material for fabricating on-water flotation platforms for the Australian mining industry:


Poly (plastic) lends itself to greater versatility in design. It's ideal for multiple configurations to suit a range of applications from mining dam pontoons and maintenance barges to floating walkways. The design of each flotation platform matches given structural specifications, customer budgets, and even aesthetic requirements.

Durability and Strength

When you fabricate your floating pontoons and walkways with UV-stabilised high-density poly, you're guaranteed long-lasting service. The high-impact material doesn't bulge or crack easily under stress, making it perfect for bearing heavy loads and extensive exposure to harsh conditions. Additionally, poly flotation platforms are maintenance-free as they don't come with the rusting or corrosion issues associated with metals like steel or aluminium.

Modular Design

This increases the versatility of your flotation modules, diversifying their practical on-water uses. For instance, you could assemble a modular poly floating walkway to set up a T-shaped dock before changing it to another configuration depending on your specific needs at a particular time. Likewise, modular design lets you widen or lengthen the platform, or even change application, for example, from a floating bridge or walkway to a maintenance barge.

Ease of Use

Putting together your modules to create a floating platform is no rocket science. The same is true with taking apart your pontoons or walkways for transfer to another job site. You can change configurations with a simple toolbox without necessarily requiring power tools or external professional help. 


Poly is a relatively cheaper material for fabricating high-quality and affordable floatation platforms. It's more cost-effective than aluminium or steel.    


Poly makes portable floatation platforms because it's lightweight. You may need your walkways and pontoons for on-water application portable so you can move them with ease for safety or when not in use for prolonged periods of time.



No matter the shape or size of your preferred poly floating pontoons and walkways, our experienced engineers are on standby to help put together extremely versatile, durable, and affordable products. Contact us now to order your custom flotation platform!      

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