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March 4, 2022

Get to Know the Project Delivery Pathway: Discover Stage

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Coerco’s Project Delivery Pathway is a critical method of assisting its clients with significant mining project scopes and help with design elements in liquid management equipment that are sometimes left unattended until it becomes time-critical.


The Project Delivery Pathway includes three stages being, Discover, Develop and Deliver to help de-risk projects and reduce costly downtime. During the Discover stage, our project managers will take clients through project analysis, design and drawings and client review.


We work closely with our clients during the Discover stage to help them get a deeper understanding of their project requirements with our in-house team of experts.


Here's how we do it:



1. Project Analysis




The first stage of the process begins with project analysis. Coerco's in-house consultants come from various backgrounds, including the oil and gas industries and the mining sector. Having been exposed to these environments means our team is armed with a wealth of knowledge to assure you of the best-suited solutions through our project delivery pathway.


This process includes gathering all the information supplied to us by the client, which includes the following:

  • Location and site specifics
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Product purpose
  • Integration of products
  • Technical requirements (chemicals, etc.)
  • Safety in design
  • Safety in maintenance

Once the information has been collated, it is used to understand the project scope and collaborated with our design team for the next step. 



2. Design and Drawings


Designs and Drawings



Our in-house design team will assess the project scope provided from the first step during the design and drawings stage. This step allows our team to develop a General Assembly (GA) drawing from the original details provided.


Once finalised, we send it back to the client together with the first proposal that has budgetary costs and the project timeframe. 


3. Client Review


Client Review


In the client review stage, the customer will receive our proposed solution by email, which covers all the information worked on in the first two steps. This is an opportune time to review our general arrangement designs and liaise for further analysis to ensure we have captured all the correct and essential information for your project.


Our design team is ready and willing to answer any queries or changes you may have in mind. We will refine our designs until both parties are satisfied.


Stay tuned for the next part of the series which is the 'Develop' stage. This part will cover Engineering, Client Sign-off and Manufacture which are the next steps towards the holistic project solution.


If you need help on your mining project from our specialists please Contact us today.


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