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April 26, 2022

Get to Know the Project Delivery Pathway: Develop Stage

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The next stage of Coerco’s Project Delivery Pathway is the develop stage, involving engineering, client sign off and product manufacture. This critical part of the process sees concepts and ideas come to life. 


Heres how we do it:   

1. Engineering




Our engineers create detailed designs using 3D modeling software to produce CFD and FEA reports to ensure each product is fit for purpose and will deliver on its life expectancy.  

The 3D model demonstrates the parametres of a client’s project requirements along with maintaining adherence to all Australian standards. An in-depth FEA report also analyses each project to deliver structural integrity under all loading conditions.   


2. Client Sign-Off  


Client Sign Off


During this stage, Coerco’s skilled team of project managers presents the completed detailed design and reports to all the stakeholders for review and final sign-off to send the project for manufacturing. 

These comprehensive drawings are delivered to our skilled and qualified staff to create the products required for the project. The products are generally created in a modular design for easy transport and installation onsite.


3. Manufacturing 




Coerco’s products are manufactured in large moulds, which are also custom fabricated in-house depending on the requirements of the project. All fasteners, accessories and steel fabrication aspects are added once the products have been removed from the moulds and then finished in the factory. 

Each product is completed with all quality assurance and standards required, while completing every aspect of the project in-house guarantees complete control of the product from start to finish.  

The dedication to high standards and confidence in the product flows throughout the company from the sales team to design and engineering and into manufacturing, production and logistics.  

Stay tuned for the final part of the series, which is the Deliver stage. This part will explain our quality assurance, logistics/transportation, and MDR/documentation, which completes the last section of the project delivery.  

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