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May 24, 2018

What You Need to Know Before Buying Industrial Chemical Tanks

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Industrial Chemical Tanks


Successful manufacturing, mining, and processing in Australia extensively relies on industrial chemicals, many of which require specialised handling and storage to protect the humans and the environment.

So, whether you're storing, acid, bleach, caustic soda, beverages, or fuel, you may need to use high-quality industrial chemical tanks that can hold your product safely for as long as necessary. The design of the ideal chemical storage solution must be worth the investment in the long run and compatible with your particular industrial application.

Here's information to help you pick a tank that meets your specification requirements:

Industrial Process Tank Insulation

If you need to keep the temperature of specific contents within a given range, you need to use an insulated industrial storage solution. You may use such a tank in various applications, including fruit and vegetable processing. Typically, manufacturers of the best such tanks employ different techniques like air cell reflective insulation or a double skinned poly tank with foam in the void to minimise the exposure of contents to possible external temperature fluctuations.

Corrosion Resistance

Some of the chemicals you store may be inert, while others could be extremely corrosive. That's why it's very critical to choose a storage solution that doesn't react with its content. Substances like sulfuric acid can eat through the surface of an unprotected tank from the inside out, leading to dangerous leaks and costly damage to the tank itself. You must ensure that the material the tank is manufactured from is compatible with the chemical you intend to store.

Customisation Options

Before ordering the fabrication of your industrial storage solution, be sure to study and understand its intended unique application. Besides insulation options, assess any specific customisation requirements for example, internal and external piping, such as bell-mouth overflows as well as anti-vortex suction ports. Likewise, does your tank need unique welded connections or structural customisations like filtration, access ladder, and process identification labels?   


Regulation Compliance

It's essential that you install an industrial chemical tank whose construction complies with applicable standards for the mining and industrial sectors. So, work closely with the engineers fabricating your tank to ensure a design that's in line with the latest Australian chemical handling and storage regulations. You also need to ensure that the material the tank is manufactured from is compatible with the chemical you intend to store. Check the Chemical Resistance Chart here.


Value for Your Money

Buy a chemical storage tank that guarantees excellent performance in the long run without any serious issues. Such a storage solution withstands the harshest of internal and external conditions, guaranteeing long-term technical feasibility and superior customer-satisfaction levels.

With the above guidelines, buying the perfect industrial chemical tanks is not rocket science. Just identify your custom requirements and look for a solution that complies with current chemical handling and storage rules in Australia. Feel free to contact us for further expert guidance towards selecting the best product.    

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