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March 22, 2018

What Custom Plastic Fabrication Can I Have On A Poly Tank For Industrial Use?

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What Custom Plastic Fabrication Can I Have On A Poly Tank For Industrial Use?

Additional plastic fabrication applied to poly tanks is well accepted for today's world-leading industrial processes. Poly tanks for industrial use often also need additional pipes, fittings and other external parts, many of which may not be obvious to our customers.

Read on to find out  what customisations are available on poly tanks.

Customisations for Industrial Process Tanks

The possible uses for plastic chemical tanks define the types of plastic fabrication customisations we provide:


Custom plastic fabrication includes PE Welded Stub Flanges, PE Welded BSP Threads and BSP Brass, and Nyglass Bulkhead Fittings. In order to use welded connections to a poly tank, you need to have certified installation specialists to ensure the fittings are welded into the poly tanks correctly.

Coerco Plastic Fabrication - Poly Tanks


Insulated Options

Custom insulated poly is necessary storage in many of the harsh environments throughout our beautiful country. Our plastic fabrications and customisations include multiple methods for insulating plastic tanks. Double skinned tanks with foam insulation between the skins are ideal for the greatest protection and insulation values. Wrap around air cell insulation or spray on foam are also efficient and cost-effective insulation methods.

Coerco Plastic Fabrication - Insulated Tanks


Pipe Customisations

A poly tank is just liquid storage without the variety of pipes necessary to create industrial solutions. Our internal and external pipe customisations include internal anti-vortex suction ports, level sensor connections, and internal bell-mouth overflows.

Coerco Bell Mouth and Anti Vortex Fittings


External and Structural Customisations

The tanks themselves are important, but so is the environment around the tank. From fabricated nameplates to enable process identification, to ladder and platform connections; external customisation can be essential for poly tank use. Internal structural changes include installing filtration or aeration systems installed within a tank. Whether internal or external, structural customisation may be a deciding factor for whether a poly tank will fill a business's needs.

Coerco Plastic Fabrication internal or external, structural customisation


We're here to help you get the custom plastic fabrication that you need to do your job well. Contact us today to discover how we can deliver the customisations your project needs.

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