Robust and Reliable Vertical Underground Tanks Solutions You Can Trust

COERCO’s Vertical Underground Tanks are fast becoming the product of choice over other designs thanks to their unique properties. We use only the highest quality polyethylene in the manufacture of our Vertical Underground Tanks, meaning they are durable, UV stable, lightweight and easy to transport and install.

Vertical Underground Tanks That Are Quick, Easy & Long-Lasting!

Whether you need a seamless and functional sewage system, a convenient means to transport liquid from a lower to a higher elevation, or to simply prevent flooding by storing rainwater, you can count on Coerco’s SAI-certified vertical underground tanks.

Coerco’s versatile vertical underground tanks come with many features that make them ideal for a wide range of applications.


  • Manufactured from durable polyethylene
  • Approved to requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS1546.1
  • Engineered design with ribs for hold-down by backfill
  • Chemical and effluent-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and installation
  • Integrated lifting lugs
  • Base designed for maximum strength and pump out
  • Leveling legs including tie down/anchor points for high water table applications
  • Suitable for a wide range of pumps
  • Range of lid options available


Class A 

Code Description
VUT600-A 600L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT900-A 900L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT1200-A 1200L Vertical Underground Tanke


Class B 

Code Description
VUT600-B 600L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT900-B 900L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT1200-B 1200L Vertical Underground Tanke


Class D

Code Description
VUT600-D 600L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT900-D 900L Vertical Underground Tank
VUT1200-D 1200L Vertical Underground Tanke

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