Underground Storage Tanks

COERCO's underground storage tanks offer flexibility for mining contractors and site managers with limited space. They provide easy access for filling and pumping, offering a neat solution for liquid storage challenges. 

Maximise Onsite Space with Coerco’s Underground Storage Tanks

Coerco’s underground storage tanks are designed to meet the needs of mining contractors and site managers who face space constraints on their worksites. These tanks offer a versatile solution, allowing for efficient storage of liquids without occupying valuable surface area. With easy access points for filling and pumping, these tanks streamline the process of managing liquid storage on project sites, enhancing operational efficiency. 

The underground placement of these tanks not only optimises space utilisation but also helps maintain a clean and organized work environment. Overall, Coerco’s underground storage tanks provide a practical and effective solution for addressing liquid storage challenges in various surface operations. 

We offer two underground storage tank variants: horizontal and vertical underground tanks. 



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