Practical, Functional and Reliable Lift Station Solutions

COERCO’s lift stations are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest polyethylene from our own in-house facility, ensuring that they are strong, durable and fully weatherproof so your operations are never interrupted.

Lift Stations That Make Your Project Easier

Our lift station solutions are designed for the commercial and environmental industry and are ideal for applications involving the handling and disposal of industrial and chemical waste products. They are the most economical choice for sites where wastewater needs to be moved from areas of low elevation to a higher elevation for proper and efficient waste water drainage.

COERCO’s lift stations are extremely durable, designed to withstand heavy use, and only require minimal maintenance. They’re also lightweight and flexible, making transportation and installation a breeze. COERCO has been and continues to be involved in many different custom-designed equipment projects within the commercial and environmental industry throughout Australasia and worldwide. Whether you need temporary products for short-term projects or a more long-term solution, COERCO’s high-quality lift station solutions ticks all the right boxes.

We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company, which means every project we take on is carried out in accordance with all necessary Australian standards. All our lift stations are manufactured in guidance with all regulatory standards issued by certifying bodies and Department of Health, so our customers have the assurance that they’re investing in a safe, secure and high-quality product.

At COERCO, we aim to make your working life easier by improving efficiency and maximizing your productivity. Whether you work in the commercial or environmental industry, investing in our high-quality lift stations is the way to go. While we have a range of standard products to suit most project needs, our expert team also is happy to work with you to custom build solutions.

Following are just some of the features they offer;

  • Custom build to suit any pump size or design
  • Fully tested one piece tough poly tank
  • Chemical and impact resistent
  • Manufactured from durable, light weight polyethylene
  • Ease of installation

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