Trench Drainage

Pre Fabricated High Strength, High Flow Strip Drainage

Trench Drainage

Flo-Log® Strip Filter Drains are prefabricated drainage composites for the efficient filtering of groundwater. All Flo-Log® Strip Drains are encapsulated with a high flow geotextile that prevents long term blockage of the unit by excluding the ingress of fine soil particles. The drainage structure and geotextile are made from polypropylene. The polypropylene is inert to a wide range of acids and alkalis likely to be found in a subsurface environment.

Drainage system provides more efficient capacities than imported natural materials such as crushed aggregate and conventional pipe systems. The prefabricated drainage products are lightweight, easy to handle and install, providing a more cost effective method of drainage than traditional methods. The range of Flo-Log® Strip Filter Drains require minimal trench excavation and come in a wide selection of depths and thickness for a variety of applications and site conditions. A 50mm layer of washed river sand is recommended to encapsulate the Flo-Log® Strip Filter Drains to enhance the filtration of water and fine soil particles extending the life of the installation.


Rapid Drainage

The Flo-Log® range is ideal for the rapid drainage of saturated ground. The Flo-Log® range is suited for applications requiring strip or trench drainage.

High Strength

The Flo-Log® range features high compressive strength that will not crush over time ensuring long term drainage performance.



Hydrophilic Geotextile

The Flo-Log® range are prefabricated products wrapped with a high quality Italian made geotextile with hydrophilic properties for effective drainage that does not require a head of pressure to perform. 

Unlimited Length 

The Flo-Log® range can be easily connected together to form the lengths required for the project. Each Flo-Log® is provided with an overlap of geotextile to allow each connection to be appropriately sealed with tape.



  • Sports field broad acre drainage 
  • Golf courses broad acre drainage
  • Road edge drains
  • Dewatering Wet Areas
  • Retaining wall drainage collection






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