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Coerco designs and manufactures high quality Water Tanks for the WA market.  Built with one-piece design and construction, our water tanks are also developed under strict quality control to ensure they are suitable for drinking quality and fully UV stabilised to withstand our often extreme weather conditions in Western Australia.  Our premium water tanks are designed in an attractive Heritage design and corrugated for strength and that traditional appearance. The self-supporting lid design removes the need for any internal support poles.

Our water tanks offer excellent chemical resistance and structural durability whilst maintaining material flexibility by using high grade poly products.

Our range of Premium Water Tanks are available from 250 Litres to 64,000 litre volume

Our Flat Walled Water Tanks are available from 720 litres to 50,000 litre volume

Our Mini Rib tanks are available in sizes ranging from 250 litres to 5000 litre volume

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We also have the might popular Slimline water tanks are available in 620 litre to 3000 litre volume

We also can source Steel Liner water tanks which come in 3 sizes. 90,000 litre, 120,000 litre and 150,000 litre. These water tanks are a galvanised tank shell with a heavy duty poly liner and are a very economical for cost/litre of your water storage. These come in most Colorbond colours.

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