Coerco Urban Engineered Poly Products

The driest continent on earth needs world-class water storage facilities and we are proud of our extensive range of premium corrugated tanks, mini-rib, slimline, flat walled and underground water tanks. They are designed and manufactured under strict quality control to ensure they are suitable for drinking quality water and are fully UV stabilised to survive the harshest climate.
Our urban above ground water tanks have a unique one-piece construction with no joins seams or part lines down the wall to eliminate leakage and provide structural strength and durability. They come in 12 standard Colourbond colours to fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into any urban environment, alternatively our underground water storage tanks are used extensively where an “under site – out of mind’ system is required.
Apart from our vast range of water tanks, our urban range also includes complimenting tank fittings and accessories, tank stands, pool tubs and approved septic systems.