Rainwater Tanks Perth

Looking for Rainwater Tanks Perth ?

Coerco designs and manufactures a range of high quality Rainwater Tanks for the Perth and WA market.  Coerco rainwater tanks are developed with strict quality control in place.  This ensures they are suitable for drinking quality and fully UV stabilised to withstand the weather conditions in Perth and WA.  

Within our range of rain water tanks you can choose our Premium Rainwater Tank Range with its one-piece construction and attractive Heritage design.  For strength and a more traditional look, they are also corrugated. With a self-supporting lid design there’s no need for any internal support either.  Available in sizes ranging from 250 litres to 64,000 litres.

Our flat walled tanks or flat walled rain water tanks are sturdy, reliable and like the rest of the range, designed to last.  Our flat walled tanks are supplied with a screw in lid, overflow outlet and ball valve, and come in sizes from 720 litres, to 50,000 litres.

Also featuring Mini Rib rainwater tanks, Slimline Tanks, and Steel liner tanks, call us today on 1800 646 277 to discuss how we can help choose the right rainwater tank for your needs.