Mini Rib Tanks

Coerco is a WA based manufacturing company devoted to providing high quality, impact resistant, and durable solutions for water storage and liquid transportation in Western Australia. Mini  Rib poly water storage tanks are designed and manufactured under strict control to ensure they are suitable for drinking quality and UV stabilised.  We pride ourselves not only on the quality and durability of our water tanks and liquid storage tanks, but also the versatility of our products.

Our poly water storage tanks are manufactured using linear low density food grade polyethylene in accordance with Australian Standards.

An important feature of Coerco poly water tanks is that they are a constructed as one piece. There are no joins, seams or lines down the walls. The roof is always constructed in the one piece.  This makes our products more durable and able to withstand the often harsh weather conditions of Australia.

Our water storage tanks are available in 12 standard COLORBOND colours. Optional COLORBOND colours are available but may be subject to surcharge and/or delivery delay.

If you are unsure of what tank will suit your needs you can try our Water Tank Selector Tool.
Water Tank Selector Tool

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