Poly Strainers

Suitable for installation to the suction ports of the pump or at the bottom of pump suction lines, Coerco Poly Strainers restrict unwanted elements and debris from entering or blocking the pump impeller, making them the ideal solution for protecting any pump.

Coerco Poly Strainers are used heavily in dewatering applications such as, mines, quarries, excavations and sumps. They are also widely utilised in commercial aquatic centres, municipal swimming pools, theme parks and for agricultural irrigation pumps in rivers, lakes or ponds.

These highly durable strainers are constructed from corrosion resistant HDPE making them virtually maintenance free. Our standard range is from 100mm to 500mm flanged connections with the flange drilled to Table D (AS4087). Other flange drilling patterns are offered including Table E, DIN, ANSI.

With large surface area that incorporates a series of vanes to help reduce vortexing, Coerco Poly Strainers provide low inflow velocities which assists to maintain prime within pumps and achieve efficient flow characteristics .

Unlike most regular flanged pump strainers, these strainers have an extended stub inlet feature which enables pumps to get suction even if some of the strainer basket is exposed.

Skid bases can be easily added to our standard range to keep strainers from damaging dam and pond liners.