Industrial Process Tanks

Coerco Industrial Process Tanks

Coerco has decades of experience of working with clients to produce solutions for custom industrial process tank requirements. Coerco has a professional modifications and engineering team who work closely with our clients to meet all their requirements using certified welding methods & practices.

wasterwater treatment tanks

Coerco Insulated Industrial Process Tanks

Insulated poly tanks are used in applications where liquid temperatures need to be kept within a particular temperature range.

Applications include:

  • Concrete Mixing/ Batching Plants
  • Fruit & Vegetable washing
  • Lobster processing

Coerco have produced insulated poly tanks using a number of different methods including the wrapping the tanks with air cell reflective insulation, using a two-component polyurethane HFC blown spray foam and using double skinned tanks with a foam filling between skins.

Spray Foam Insulated Coerco 32000ltr Poly Tank Spray Foam Insulated Coerco 32000ltr Poly Industrial Process Tank
Coerco Double Skinned with Foam Insulation Coerco Double Skinned with Foam Insulation
9000ltr Coerco Spray Foam Insulated Poly Tanks 9000ltr Coerco Painted Spray Foam Insulated Poly Tanks. Tanks

Coerco Clarifier Industrial Process Tanks

Coerco Clarifiers tanks are used for settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. Vessels can be designed to your specifications and can include gutter systems and internal pipework and outlets to meet your requirements.

12000Ltr Clarifier Tank Coerco Clarifier Tank with internal vortex pipework and gutter system.
Gutter Top of Coerco Clarifier Tank Gutter Top of Coerco Clarifier Tank

Coerco Cone Based Tanks

Ideal for mixing or batching liquid solutions, the cone base option offers complete drainage. Great for dosing of Bio Diesel and also pre-mixing of liquid or granular chemicals before filling the spray unit. Available with custom fittings, pipework and agitators these units can be designed to meet your own requirements.

Common uses:

  • Chemical Mixing/Agitation
  • Bio-diesel Processing
  • Trace Element Mixing
5000ltr Coerco Cone Base Tank
13.5kl Cone Based Tank - Custom Extended Cone
Coerco Cone Based Tanks

Coerco Industrial Process Tanks

Coerco have been and continue to be involved in many different custom tank projects through out Australasia. Project samples are shown below.

Coerco Industrial Process Tank onsite
Coerco Fire Tanks
Extended Coerco Tanks
9000ltr Coerco Industrial Process Tanks