Looking for Pipe Floats, Hose Floats or Cables for application in mining, marine, water treatment and dredging?

Our Pipe Floats are manufactured in Australia to International standards.  Our system allows pipes to bend and flex to maintain a minimum resistance to weather conditions such as water currents, tidal changes and windy conditions.  This increases the safety in your application.

We use tough hexane polyethylene which is UV stabilised for protection against degradation for maximum service life. This makes our pipe floats incredibly strong, yet lightweight.  Being chemical resistant means our pipefloats and hose floats can be used in many flexible applications.

Our pipe floats feature: recess ribs for added strength, chamfered opening for flexibility, HDPE polyethylene pipeline and have a durable UV stabilised shell. Did we mention how easy to install they are?

With 13 different sizes and coming in Orange (standard), Yellow and Red colours we’ve got a pipe float to suit every application.

For all enquiries please call 1800 646 277 to find out how we can help you. Alternatively please download the brochure below.