Latest from the Rapid Shop Floor

Coerco Marketing at   January 21, 2014
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Latest from the Rapid Shop Floor

We are excited to announce to your our latest develpoments in streamlining our manufacturing and despatch processing procedures to deliver you an even greater experience with Rapid Plastics (WA) !

As part of the company’s vision and strategic planning for 2014 we are committed to UP our customer service and deliver increased value to anyone we have the privelage of serving with this business! This will involve, dedicated team members to provide personal attention to customer service enquires, increasing our product stock holdings and reducing our delivery times even further in an enthused and invigorating attempt to give YOU, our loyal customers, more rewarding value for your faith in us and comittal to the brand!

With current on time deliveries consistently acheived for over 98% of our total orders, we seek to strive further improvement to deliver the best we can at every opportunity we can!

We look forward to being off assistance and dealing with you throughout the coming year and trust you feel the same!

Thats it for now, but keep an eye on our NEWS BLOG hot spot page for constant updates and news feeds!

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