Coerco is the new name for an established and trusted Australian supplier of polyethylene tanks and related products which are engineered to meet the demands of the agriculture, mining and industrial, and urban sectors. Whether it’s liquid or dry storage, or transportation each product promises consistent quality, strength and greater impact resistance to withstand the rough treatment and extreme weather conditions of Australia.


Made from high-grade Australian materials, Coerco’s polyethylene products are relatively lightweight. They are easily and successfully delivered and installed in many locations around the country. The raw material used is most admirable for providing trouble-free performance for more than 30 years, even when considering the harsh Australian weather that includes UV, heat and wind.


Coerco uses Qenos, a raw polymer supplier with a specialised understanding of what it takes for tank material to be tough, durable and UV resistant. Coerco uses the specially designed Qenos Alkatuff LLDPE for use in water tanks and many other similar products. When the polymer is produced, the long service life of the material is planned for and tested. It features high resistance to impact and abrasion, high tolerance to environmental stress cracking, and long term resistance to UV degradation. All of these features can be experienced by using Coerco’s plastic products.


Qenos is Australia’s exclusive manufacturer of polyethylene and a valued supplier of a diverse range of specialty polymers. It is ideally positioned to meet the Australian needs with its specialised laboratory, production and testing facilities, and experienced personnel. Its world class Alkatuff LLDPE products are specifically designed for roto-moulding and for Australian conditions.


Qenos provides the Alkatuff LL711UV grade, which is a combination of the fundamental toughness of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with specific UV and thermal stabilisation properties. The material produces “purpose built” polymers that are easy to use during the production of plastic tanks and similar products. It also provides excellent physical properties and delivers exceptional long term performance. Trusted around Australia, Qenos plastic is used for poly tanks and related products that maintains their strength and integrity in dealing with the harsh climate conditions in the country, from the agriculture field and to the remotest mining camp.


Qenos is known also for its base resin Alkatuff LL711UV that conforms to all of the polyethylene requirements being set out in AS/NZS 4766. In fact, the polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals far exceed these requirements. The Alkatuff PE undergoes rigorous testing for performance, including tensile, puncture, impact and UV weathering performance. Additionally, the Alkatuff LL711UV, LL705UV and LL755 grades all have demonstrated compliance to AS/NZS 4020 that involves testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.


Coerco uses Australian made Qenos Alkatuff polyethylene, which provides the maximum lifespan for plastic tanks and many related products. That is why Australians trust Coerco polyethylene products because they are designed for Australia’s tough conditions and are manufactured from a polymer that is already proven for more than 30 years in service.