Do You Want to Increase The Value of your House?

Coerco Marketing at   April 26, 2016
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Do You Want to Increase The Value of your House?

As utility prices soar, more buyers are looking to minimise costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Structural additions, such as good insulation or double-glazing can add value, while add-ons, such as solar panels will excite the energy conscious. Water tanks, water saving devices on outlets or adjustable lighting are relatively cheap and all add to a buyer’s interest.

So we mentioned water tanks. The question is why not collect the rainwater that falls onto your house or shed?
There is that ‘peace of mind’ that comes with having a tank. Not only are you reducing your water bill you can also clear the guilt of having the greenest garden on in the street.
Besides this – it is such a good feeling to know you are doing your bit by not putting extra pressure on the scheme water system!

We understand that an investment like a water tank needs to be adapted to fit anywhere on your property. This is why we will work with any tank plan proposal to come up with a tank design that suits your property.

Rapid Plastics Water tanks are suited to any area of the state from the hot dusty conditions in the north to the wet and windy coastal property.

With Rapid Plastics having the widest range of sizes any manufacturer has in WA you’re sure to find a tank to fit your space and increase the value of your property.

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