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March 31, 2023

Majestic Plumbing Reduce Time and Hassle with Modular Stormwater Flo-Vault

Stormwater, Flo-Vault®

Majestic Plumbing Reduce Project Cost with Modular Stormwater Flo-Vault

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Majestic Plumbing is a full-service plumbing and gas maintenance provider with 40 years’ experience in commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing. From high-rise construction to major civil works, Majestic has built a reputation in Western Australia for excellence in all areas of the plumbing industry. 


Traditional stormwater systems typically collect contaminants, such as pollutants and toxins, from the surrounding urban landscape, which are discharged into natural waterways, subsequently impacting the environment. 

For a major infrastructure project in the Perth suburb of Malaga, head contractor Majestic Plumbing needed an alternative solution, one that could be installed underground with an infiltration tank and pump system that could effectively minimise stormwater run-off. 

Due to the nature of the project, the stormwater management system had to be cost-effective, quick and easy to install, and adhere to considerations around restricted land usage and the environment. 

Coerco were engaged by Majestic Plumbing to support the stormwater scope of works and design a solution to be installed in the early stages of the commercial construction project. 

Leveraging decades of innovation and engineering expertise in stormwater management and the manufacture of purpose-built water containment solutions, Coerco’s Flo-Vault® modular tank system proved the ideal system. The Coerco engineering team reviewed the project drawings and specifications to ensure their proposal met the strict site requirements. 

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The Flo-Vault® structural lightweight modular tank system chosen for this project had a water storage capacity of approximately 220 cubic metres and was constructed for use in a sub-surface pit. Featuring a best-in-class compressive strength of 40 t/m2 and high infiltrate rate, the modular system allows four people to assemble 300m3/day. 


Coerco's Flo-Vault® modular tank system delivered significant time and cost savings through streamlined product design and quick installation.


Aside from the Flo-Vault® tanks, the engineered pump station was key to the optimised functioning of the stormwater system. Positioned two metres below the surface and level with the inlets, the pump station integrated dual Tsurumi pumps, a pump controller, and a time encased bolt pump sprayer. If one pump fails, the other one will kick-in, and the alarm will sound to alert onsite personnel. 


Coerco’s stormwater Flo-Vault® modular tank system simply ticked all the boxes for the contractor compared to other systems on the market. As the filtration tanks were quick and easy to assemble and install,  the contractor benefited from lower labour costs and increased efficiencies to support project continuity across the next stages of construction. 

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Majestic Plumbing were impressed with the stormwater and pump system package, particularly the streamlined ‘drop and install’ process, the robustness of the pit itself, and the efficiency in connecting the pump inlets and outlets. 


The solution has since been used on another Majestic Plumbing infrastructure project in Bunbury. This is testament to not only Coerco’s high quality products and service, but the collaborative effort and trust between both companies, a relationship that continues to strengthen project-to-project. 



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