Are you ready??? Be prepared!!!

Coerco Marketing at   December 18, 2013
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Are you ready??? Be prepared!!!

MORE than 170 fire fighters from 21 brigades – using four aircraft – battled a fierce bushfire 4km east of Toodyay on Sunday. The fire had edged dangerously close to homes in Wicklow Estate and Dumbarton Estate, destroying 100ha of land. Residents were told to flee and were prevented from returning to their properties after the bushfire was reported just after 9am. It is not known how the fire began but it points up the important need to be vigilant, prepared and ready to act when faced with the dangerous threat of uncontrolled fire.

A good, reliable and ready to use firefighter unit could well be the saving of your house and property and quite likely even lives! So get prepared today with a on hand firefighter unit! You dont have to spend a fortune for peace of mind and there is even an option to hire firefighter units from us should you only want it for the hotter months of the year when the risk is highest!

Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly sales team who will be too glad to assist you in regards to your specific requirements! STAY SAFE!

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