April 2014 – eNews

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April 2014 – eNews

Prices have soared on the back of an investor buying spree spurred by the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. The crisis has added to concerns caused by freezing weather in key growing areas of the US, the world’s largest exporter. At more than $US7 a bushel, the grain has jumped almost 20 per cent since the end of February, when Russian President Vladimir Putin escalated tensions between Moscow and Kiev. Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, collectively the Black Sea grain region, are leading suppliers to north Africa and the Middle East. “The uncertainty in the Black Sea situation has been driving the market,” says Amy Reynolds, analyst at the International Grains Council in London. Any disruptions in the grains trade from the region, accounting for about a fifth of world exports, could push prices even higher. Read more here…
Source www.farmweekly.com.au

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We would like to announce to our existing and prospective customers out there of some NEW interactive features on our website which allow you the experience of real time value interaction.

We now host a ‘Live Chat’ function which you can simply click on any time during business hours and communicate with a real person who instantly answers your enquiry. Remember, you can still communicate with us after hours by simply leaving a message of which we will reply to as soon as we can! Click here to contact us via live chat now…
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We would also like to tell you about the new interactive ‘Discussion and Comments’ feature available on any of the NEWS positings we release. This allows you to share your comments, throughts and experiences regarding the concerned issue on our site! See below at the end of this article for comments section.


Rapid Plastics (WA) offer a quality range of liquid fertiliser cartage and storage tanks designed & manufactured specifically for safe, durable storage of liquid fertilizer.

With a fully certified design and analysis certification, the (2 x 25,000ltr tank combination) giving 50,000ltr of capacity is the ideal unit for on farm storage of all liquid fertilisers. With operator friendly features it proves to be an efficient and productive asset to any sowing or spraying programme. These tanks are fully approved for use by leading formulators such as CSBP, Summit Fertilisers and High-tech Ag. Read more here…

With liquid fertiliser cartage tank size capacities ranging from 200ltr to 12,000ltr there is the flexibility to suit all requirements. The durable and rugged structure of these tanks is a big plus in withstanding the rigours of the demanding job environments that liquid cartage tanks are used in.

Combine this with the patented Baffle Ball® system, which offers exceptional stabilising results (a must in any fluid cartage application), and you save dollars in reduced mechanical wear and tear and get a superb level of safety. Read more here…

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