Another Devastating Reminder!

Coerco Marketing at   January 14, 2014
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Another Devastating Reminder!

The devastating events of the past weekend of bushfires in the Perth Hills is yet another reminder of the tragic consequences that fire combined with Mother Nature can wreak on mankind. We express our sympathy and condolences to all effected in this disaster and we would like to thank all those who assisted in fighting these fires and also to those who provided support and sustenance to the hardworking crews combating this great threat.

Rapid Plastics (WA) would like to extend a special discounted offer to anyone affected directly by this event on our range of firefighting equipment should it be required. Call one of our team to discuss further.

Remember, preparation and vigilance is vital to your chances of survival of your homes, property and lives. If you haven’t already prepare your bushfire survival plan TODAY by visiting the following website

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